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Labor Day Weekend ~ Fantastic End to a Great Summer! Teach Your Kids...

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Labor Day means a 3-day weekend for a majority of people, time that you are able to spend with your loved one with days off of work. Enjoy a day at the beach, kids playing in the sand, swimming, kayaking, boating, BBQ, a min-vacation, end of summer activities, planned events, shopping & so much more. 

Kids play at beach on Labor Day Weekend - enjoy the end of summer

Labor Day is actually a very important day in our nation. Here's how you can teach your kids about this celebrated holiday... 

Labor Day falls on the first Monday in September. It became an official holiday in 1894. Most people celebrate all through Labor Day Weekend. Labor Day is a tribute to the everyday working man for the contributions the working class has made to our country. Here are some ways to teach kids about Labor Day.

  • Talk to your kids about your job. Discuss the ways that you contribute to your family and community.
  • Make a list of ways that your children can contribute by doing certain types of labor. Babysitting, mowing lawns, running errands for elderly neighbors and shoveling snow are all great ways for your child to “labor” and contribute.
  • Have a family discussion about different jobs and who and how they help. Talk about jobs that the kids would love to have one day. Look through magazines for pictures of people working and make a job collage.
  • Take your kids to your local Labor Day Parade or watch it on TV together. Parades are so much fun to watch for both kids and adults.
  • Start a tradition and every year on Labor Day make a home video of your kids telling you what they want to be when they grow up and why. These will provide lots of memories and smiles when you watch them when the kids are all grown up.
Labor Day Weekend is all about spending quality free time together and enjoying fun activities, playing games, letting your imagination, creativity and discovery take over.
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Lake Kids invites you to bring your children and stop in, pick out some toys, games, books, etc get your days/Labor Day weekend filled with an array of projects, activities, and things to do.
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See you soon!

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